The Defectors care!
- For girls. For cars. For cigarettes and beer and fuzzed out rock'n'roll...

Having heard their share of 60's next-door-garage-hero records, they have made it a mission in life to take that mixture of innocense and irreverence into the 21st century.

Be sure to catch them if you care, too...

Fact file: The Defectors formed in 1997 and found a stable form as a quintet in late 1998. The debut album, "Let Me" was released in 1999, followed by "Baby Gimme Love" in 2001 and the most recent studio album, "Turn Me On" in 2004. Later same year, the limited edition, vinyl-only "Live at Gutter Island" album followed. The band also appears on several compilations and split 7" singles.

As documented on their Bad Afro live release, concert performances are a mainstay for the band. Gigging in Denmark and abroad, The Defectors have had the good luck to share stages with brilliant acts such as 22 Pistepirkko, The Hives, Tremolo Beer Gut, Baby Woodrose, PowerSolo, The Burnouts, Nekromantix, Horrorpops, The Strollers, The Monsters, The Satelliters, thee one and only Billy Childish, and US garage icons The Fuzztones, among many others.

GENRE: 60's Inspired Garage-punk.
FORMED: 1997
FROM: Denmark
"Let Me..." (1999) LP: ESP 992-1 - CD: ESP 992-2
"Baby Gimme Love" (2001) LP: ESP 997-1 - CD: ESP 997-2
"Turn Me On" (2004) LP: AFROLP024, CD: AFROCD024
"Live At Gutter Island" (2004) LP FRO1007
"Snot Dum" (2005) EP: Bad Afro/Crunchy Frog FRO 1008-1
"Give In And Creep Out..." (2006) No Fun Records, NFCD-020)
"Bruised And Satisfied" (2007) LP: AFROLP029, CD: AFROCD029
"Takin Out The Trash" (2009) CD & download: Cairo Hi-Fi

BAND MEMBERS: Yeah! (drums) - Martin (organ, b-vox) - Mort Harder (vocals) - Rune P (bass, b-vox) - Nic (guitar, b-vox)
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