[Mar 9th. '16]
The Defectors have decided to fit in a few concerts this spring 2016 along with recording new material. Germany and France are already on the list (Experience)
They’ll test some of the new material too.

[Click to read more]

[Apr 30th. '14]
Programme - go to 'EXPERIENCE'

[Oct 28th. '13]

[Click to read more]

[Sep 10th. '13]
The band is working on new material in their studio Cairo Hi-Fi.
Late 2013 & 2014 will be their LIVE come back, starting with:
HIGH VOLTAGE, Copenhagen (DK), dec. 13.th. 2013

[Aug 28th. '12]

[Aug 13th. '12]
OCT. 6th. 2012 - Rennes, France
check out http://www.facebook.com/events/181582805307043/

[May 28th. '12]
OSLO, NORWAY August 11th. 2012
Aaargh UH...

[Apr 1st. '12]
Biel/Bienne, Schwitzerland April 6th. POSTPONED
A new date will be published as soon as possible.

[Jan 24th. '12]
March 31st. 2012

[Jan 24th. '12]
BORN BAD, Copenhagen, Pumpehuset jan. 20th. 2012
Live photos and words (in danish)
[Click to read more]

[Nov 23rd. '11]
Ready for more FUZZ?

[Nov 3rd. '11]
First gig with new 2011 line-up
They admit it, they took a break!
After touring Spain, Norway, Germany, France and Russia and playing 5 special gigs in Denmark in 2008 throughout 2010, The Defectors took a year off.

The first gig since August last year will be November 19, 2011:
[Click to read more]

[Jun 17th. '11]
The Band will get together again after a long and needed vacation. Hope to see you all soon!!!

[Jun 7th. '10]
Gutter Island August 20. & 21. 2010
Hell Yeah!

[Nov 3rd. '09]
New Single by The Defectors - Bloody Bloody Mary
Just before the smoke filled, liquer oozed tour bus takes them to Germany and France, The Defectors are spitting out a brand new high voltage garage track.

'Bloody Bloody Mary' was recorded in The Defectors own Cairo Hi-Fi studio and is the first release to feature new gunslinger Horatio Lindez.

The Defectors have a busy schedule and will be playing the next 6 days in Hamburg, Cologne, Paris, Clermont Ferrand, Lyon and Dijon.

Bloody Bloody Mary is on the setlist for you to enjoy, but it can be added to your garage collection now by
clicking here. (Clicking the link will open your iTunes store)

[Sep 22nd. '09]
New merchandise from your favorite band!
You love The Defectors and you want to show it.
Now you can with one or more of the many items they just put up for sale.

The Defectors just opened the new online shop that holds several T's, hoodies, badges, tank tops and more.

So head on in to www.cafepress.com/EvilFuzzkings and see if anything suits you.

[Aug 8th. '09]
The Defectors LIVE 2009
The rest of 2009 will se the band on various locations around Europe. So far only Norway is official outside Denmark:
Sept. 11, Cph:dox, Copenhagen, (DK)
Sept. 23, Tromsø, Blå Rock (NO)
Sept. 24, Oslo, Gutter Ball 2009 (NO)
Sept. 25, Bergen, Hulen (NO)
More dates will follow.

[Jun 4th. '09]
Stumbling through bloody skulls, dirty drinks, dodgy cigarette buds and wasted groupies The Defectors has lined up the perfect night on music, alcohol and ”whatever”, by creating the free to download album:
Takin' Out The Trash!
…only and just for your explicit pleasure!

[Click to read more]

[May 14th. '09]
Underground Music Awards
The Defectors has been under ground for a decade now and what's more appropiate than a nomination for a U.M.A.
The show will take place June 13th. 2009, at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

[May 3rd. '09]
Gutter City Festival & Danmarks Grimmeste Festival
"There's a drink in my girl..."
Gutter City Festival will reveal new killer tunes from The Defectors.
Maj 15. Gutter City Festival
July 30. Danmarks Grimmeste Festival

[Jan 17th. '09]
The Defectors do Kitty DeVille
The Defectors are back with new energy and a new gunslinger.
[Click to read more]

[Jan 6th. '08]
Spain is next
The Defectors at VII GRANUJA ROCK FESTIVAL 2008 (Spain, March 1st.) with other cool acts like the Chesterfield Kings, The Woggles, The Staggers & the Chicos.
More dates will follow soon.

[Nov 29th. '07]
Germany & Spain
2007 tour will end in Germany.
2008 Spain VII GRANUJA ROCK FESTIVAL, March 1st. 2008
[Click to read more]

[Nov 12th. '07]
Bruised and Satisfied on iTunes
Yes it's true. You can now purchase your, to be favourite album online with just a few clicks. Apple were eager to get The Defectors' 4th. studio album Bruised and Satisfied to be sold on iTunes, but The Defectors held back: "The internet is just a short fase". But finally they gave in. So click, click, click your fingers down to the bone.

Click the link below or open your iTunes store and search for 'Bruised and Satisfied'

[Buy Bruised and Satisfied here]

[Oct 31st. '07]
New dates in France, Denmark & Germany - more to follow!
Paris, Clermont Ferrand, Dijon and later Denmark & Germany.

[Aug 11th. '07]
Rumours are that Greece will be visited soon.

[May 16th. '07]
Germany & France
The Boys can't wait to rock Germany and France again

[Mar 29th. '07]
We're going to ROCK Norway
YEAH! The Defectors will be part of ROCKFEST 2007 in Oslo AND Tromsø.

Amazing line-up in amazing cities. We just can't wait!!!

Stop by [www.myspace.com/rockfestnorge] for more info.

[Jan 11th. '07]
Bruised And Satisfied and ready to go!
This is it.
The new album Bruised And Satisfied is done and ready to be released for your pleasure. The album will be released March 19 on both vinyl and CD. You can hear a preview of it...
[Click to read more]

[Aug 17th. '06]
The Defectors live on your radio
This Sunday at 11pm CET National Danish Radio P3 (program 3) will broadcast a part of the amazing live recording of The Defectors from the Danish Garage-Rock festival Gutter Island.

[Click to read more]

[Jun 15th. '06]
Tour Updates!
The [experience] section is regularly updated with concert photos. Stop by once in a while to see us kick ass in Canada & the US.
Click the camera next to previous gigs.

[Jun 12th. '06]
Give In And Creep Out...
The Defectors have signed with Detroit garage label, 'No Fun Records' and releases a special US edition of 'Turn Me On!'. The releasedate is June 5th. 2006, and will be followed by concerts and radioshows in Canada and US in June.
[Click to read more]

[May 17th. '06]
Back on the island
... Gutter Island that is. It has now been confirmed that The Defectors once again will be a part of the program on the mighty Gutter Island festival. This pure garage and rock'n'roll festival will take place on the 25th and 26th of August 2006.

[May 4th. '06]
The Defectors play Fuzztones
The long awaited Fuzztones tribute CD "Illegitimate Spawn" Vol.1. has now been released. The album is the outcome of Fuzztones frontman Rudi Protrudi's idea of getting bands from all over the world to do their version of a Fuzztones song...
[Click to read more]

[Feb 23rd. '06]
The Final Thrill is in the air
The Final Thrill is the first single from the forthcoming album from The Defectors due to be released in August 2006.
This is the first independent release from The Defectors on Bad Afro since 'Turn Me On!' in the spring of 2004...
[Click to read more]

[Feb 23rd. '06]
The Defectors in Russia
As a direct result of the Berlin PopKomm showcase in September 2005, The Defectors and Bad Afro have made a license deal with...
[Click to read more]

[Nov 11th. '05]
What's happening in that Cairo Hi-Fi Studio?
Between the heavy clouds of smoke and the dirty rain of cheap liquor, hard work is actually taking place. The Defectors have isolated themselves in their studio Cairo Hi-Fi...
[Click to read more]

[Sep 28th. '05]
PopKomm 2005
The Defectors have returned home after another success at PopKomm. Again this year it took place in the fine city of Berlin. At the garage rock showcase called 'Psyched out Danes', the band shared the stage with...
[Click to read more]

[Sep 28th. '05]
New band photo
New band photo, finally.
Finally The Defectors have made a cool new band photo. The new line-up has been confirmed...
[Click to read more]

[Aug 30th. '05]
Split single released
On August 8th. The Defectors released a split single containing two songs by The Defectors and two songs by Powersolo...
[Click to read more]

[Aug 30th. '05]
The Defectors - New Line up
The Defectors are proud to present their new line up.
Kristian Westergård, (guitar) and Jess 'Yeah!' Bonde, (drums) have joined the band...
[Click to read more]

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